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Finding my ground by serving others

One man's story

My TRUE honor to work with this Iraq Veteran as he built his dream - V.E.T.
Vet Expeditions Therapy. He is passionate about helping Vets find their way upon returning from combat.

I met Deb when I was attending a local community college where Deb instructs in the Outdoor Studies department. Deb was the most passionate and knowledgeable instructor I have ever seen in my life. Her leadership skills are second to none, even in extremely sensitive and hard times. Every single student took away amazing life lessons they will never forget. Upon graduation, Deb worked with me tirelessly as my life coach to push me past my barriers so that I could take a gigantic leap of faith and build my dream. When you work with Deb, you receive a lifetime worth of experience from an amazing professional who has immeasurable tangibles. It is an honor to have her in my life!

                                           - Deke L.

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