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Mountain Lake

Find Your Ground
W.I.N. Series
Women In Nature

Bringing a soulful group of women together through nature, play, sharing and healing.



I'm excited you're here! 


Creating gentle nature walks to nurture and support women's wisdom, maturing hearts, minds and bodies.  A soulful and fun experience.  NO COST.

"Energy flows where your intention goes!"   So, let's GO!

Two Ways

- Explore coaching!

- Join in our W.I.N. series!  Women in Nature!


Zen Stones

Transformational Coaching
It's a Win W.I.N.!
Women in Nature

I am a proud graduate of Transform Coaching Academy founded by Dr. Eve Agee.

As a holistic coach, group facilitator and outdoor leadership instructor, I help individuals and groups develop, reclaim or uncover a more authentic life full of vitality, purpose and presence! 

Gentle group hikes/walks with like-minded heart-centered women.

Or an individual session that will integrate mind, body and spirit through discussion, meditation, visualization, journaling and mindful practices.
I find the combination o
f these modalities bring variety,
greater expansion, fun and purpose into your life!   

NOW is YOUR time to honor your journey. 
ind your ground and expand into your authentic life!

I also facilitate Leap of Faith, Leadership Development,
and CHALLENGE COURSE programs!


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