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Mountain Lake

Find Your Ground

Why Coaching? Because...

The World NEEDS You!



I'm excited you're here! 

Feeling out of alignment? Thinking about a more fulfilling life or career? Whether you are a young adult getting started, a professional wishing to clear underlying blocks or perhaps are challenged by living with a mental health issue - I would love to help you expand and live life more fully and authentically.

As a holistic coach, I will facilitate a course of action with your inner compass as your guide.  I would be honored to help you explore next steps that align with your goals & values! 

"Energy flows where your intention goes!"   So, let's GO!



Zen Stones

Transformational Coaching
I am a member of the International Coaching Federation
and proud graduate of Transform Coaching Academy founded by Dr. Eve Agee.

As a holistic coach and facilitator, I help individuals and groups
reclaim or uncover a more authentic life full of vitality, purpose and presence! 

Our sessions will integrate mind, body and spirit through discussion, meditation, visualization, journaling and mindful practices.
I find the combination of these modalities b
ring variety,
greater expansion, fun and purpose into your life!   

If you're on the fence - you long to gain greater confidence, would like to experience a more fulfilling career, start a new business or maybe feel like "there's more", then NOW is YOUR time to honor your journey, find your ground and expand into your authentic life!

Call for pricing on 3 or 6 month packages.
Meet twice monthly on zoom or phone. 
I also facilitate Leap of Faith, Leadership Development,
and CHALLENGE COURSE programs!


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